It is a Baroque church, which belongs to the most beautiful in Olomouc. Already at the beginning of the 13. century there was a chapel dedicated to St. archangel Michael, which the Czech king Václav I., donated by a group of Dominicans, who are on the way from Italy to Poland stopped in Olomouc. Their arrival dates back to the year 1230. Dominicans've done very well, so they could place the Dominicans've done very well, so they could place insufficient the chapel to build a large gothic church, which was completed and consecrated in 1251.

This Gothic church suffered sufficiently for the Swedish wars, the Antonín Peretius Prior to his church and to the building of masonry to build a church, a baroque. The new church began to build 1676. Completed and sanctified was 9. may 1707 a holy the bishop of Olomouc - Julius from the Braidy. Of a beautiful new church, however, Dominicans rejoice long. The emperor Joseph II. court decree of 1784, the monastery of Dominicans set aside, as well as a number of other monasteries and the church. So the church was saved became the church of the parish and of the monastery of the presbytery and seminary, which Olomouc archbishops in two construction stages have expanded into a massive building to.

The church of St. Michael is considered to be the first domed building from the northern Italian type in Moravia. The builder of the church was the imperial architect Giovanni Pietro Tencala, has in Moravia a number of buildings, including the basilica of the Virgin Mary on the Holy Hill.

The church didn't finish; said another Italian architect Domenico Martinelli. These two give the church a unique character, so a second similar the church is, according to its sources, somewhere near Naples.

The church of St. Michael's is a specific three domes on the axis of the church, that illustrate the truth that God is love, that even if it is one, he lives for his relations between the persons of the Holy Trinity.

In that first cupola from the ceiling fresco in the Creator, God the Father as shown in the last (with) God the Son with a cross, and in the center, like a dove, symbol of the third Divine Father and of the Son, the Holy Spirit. Three dome - a temple; three persons - one God, a God who is love, his relationships. Also the orientation of the church is not accidental, since the Christian old times Christian churches were built the altar to the east (where the construction was at least a little bit possible).

It, therefore, that the faithful were then in the prayer of the converted face to the rising sun, which is the best image, a symbol of Christ, who as the light of the world arose from the darkness of the grave a symbol of Christ, who as the light of the world arose from the darkness of the grave, and as the Sun always again and again comes from the east, coming again and again and He offer a man your friendship, to become the light of the life of the people.

The two upper windows in the east wall above the altar through two shafts of light, which are two arms as the arms with the service. The church is 60 feet long, 20 m high from floor to ceiling and the dome 41, 2 m. The choir, which is supporting the two cherubs. The Baroque organ. However, the organ of the 1960 from Krnova – concert instrument. Behind the altar of the Virgin Mary in the hope against him. Sebastian. The altar in the middle of the church. And the altar Filomeny. Jan Sarkander beatifikace in 1860 (year).

Remarkable is a Baroque pulpit, which had a similar meaning as our electronic amplifiers. The awning of the Virgin Mary as a rosary. Dominic, this prayer across Europe. We can also mention the emblem of the Dominicans, a dog with a burning torch in his teeth (still on the hood of the pulpit), occurring in the church five times.

The mother was according to sources. Dominica, seen a dog carrying a lighted torch. Dream interpretation was such that her son his scholarship, and preaching the service of carrying the gospel light throughout Europe, such as when a dog carrying a lighted torch.

The heart of the Holiness church is a sanctuary. The larger-than-life cherubs. The image of the beautiful church of Reni Quida St Michael the Archangel, colliding into hell Satan. The altar is illustrations to a chapter of the book of Revelation 12. (the last book of the Bible). Starts with " The sky was a woman dressed, with the sun and a crown of 12 stars around " this is depicted right at the top of the altar, then the next paragraph starts: And the battle in the sky: Michael and his angels fought the dragon. The dragon and his angels fought back, but not for them, and in heaven. (image ". Michael) this image is on the lamb, a book with seven seals as a symbol of Christ, the only Lord over human history. The image. 4 Michael are larger than life in the gilded The image. Michael are larger-than-life 4 gilded statue in the West: the large church teachers. Gregory the Great ,. Augustine ,. And Ambrose. Jerome.

We'll go through the corridor to the Gothic bell tower to the new bells. 75, leads to them in two places is a reduced profile.

Just below the bells, is located network of massive beams, which has to take 7 tons, swinging above our heads. The bells give the church a voice, calling 3 times a day for prayer, invite to a worship service in the wedding become the bells of the wedding, and at the funeral are on the road the last. The bells have one major "disadvantage", they were of the same material, from which were made mainly of the works. The plunger of the fell twice in diapers when war requisitions (for the first time 1917, in 1926, it could do it again, and 1943 is met the same fate).. The Bell is third, after the church was 64 years, unless you count the 40 kg in the lantern tower.

In 2007, the anniversary of 300 years the church blessing 600 kg (St. Jan Sarkander.) paid Mr. Březina, Olomouc Region. At the consecration of the bell was told that if they found a donor amount of Czk 10 000 and more on the second bell (850 kg – St. Zdislava, the patroness of families) will be the name of his family cast on the bell.

For 4 months, 1 000 000 CZK and the third bell (2 000 kg of St Michael the Archangel), and 2, 5 miles.

4. the bell and was 3 000 kg (the Virgin Mary – – the Protector of unborn life). The names of all donors' families on bells. You can see the bells ringing. The last bell managed to do 3 less missing bells: 2 for the church. Catherine 100 kg and 50 kg, and the 38 kg. Jan Sarkander. All the bells were cast in the bell Mrs. Letitia Dytrychové – Vránové in Brodku in Přerov.

The ringing of bells is called a linear motor, electromagnet, i. e. a strong impulse to the metal core of the bell, the bell swings, electronics, then wait until the initial position and to give impetus to the same direction. So this fall, and the system then can program all week.